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 Philly Peace Park

The Philly Peace Park is an open, charitable, intergenerational, neighborhood-managed ecology campus championing food, education and community.
930 N.51 Street
2216 W. Jefferson Street
Urban Farming

Land is the basis of human independence and farming the engine of community life. The Peace Park has grown into a popular charitable eco-campus and passive park that provides free programs to the greater Philadelphia community. The free produce programs are supported by the park's "fence-free" gardens and local donations. Since 2018 the park has given away more than 30,000 lbs of fresh healthy produce. Our goal is to introduce as many local youth to agricultural practices. We want to help raise up a generation of growers able to feed a nation

Community Livelihood  

The Peace Park believe in what it calls "the economic revolution", the movement to eliminate poverty and want by innovation and ethical utilization of local resources to create cooperatives and local micro-industries. One such program the Green Wall Street's The Black Market initiative, a popular weekly local entrepreneur market of natural products. Most products are manufactured from the harvest of the garden and include items like soap, candles, and natural healing herbs.

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The Peace Park believes in the creation of a new revolutionary education system based on S.T.E.M, practical skills and teaching of a thoroughgoing Knowledge of Self and Others. The park's land-based educators have several school partnerships that provide curriculum units for K-12 students and hosts school group visits to provide ecologically-based programs that include planting, harvesting, landscape design and construction, composting, pollinators, plant identification, and art. The park has provided lectures and tours about our work to local universities and college students. 

Health And Wellness

Working with the park's staff wellness practitioners and health professionals, the Peace Park provides free health and wellness community programs including group counseling, art therapy, yoga, fitness, and cooking classes as an apart of the monthly Self- Care Saturdays program. The Philly Peace Park articulates the concept of "Neighborhood Joy"-- the belief that people can only be truly healthy when they have the power to fully benefit from their environment with democratic control over the institutions within their community.

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Peace Park Design is the design, planning and architecture wing of the Philly Peace Park tasked with aiding communities to design new land-based futures. The Peace Park believes in the revolutionary potential of design to aid in the transformation of society and has adopted an Afro-futurist approach for the design of the pavilion that will merge and highlight continuities between ancient African architecture from countries of the western coast of the continent and modern African American architecture typologies. The building's green systems and structure complement and supports the programs that occur outside seamlessly.

“You can’t build the neighborhood by destroying the popular development in the neighborhood.  The North Philly Peace Park is a start to envisioning a new neighborhood around here.” - Brother Tommy Joshua, Founder, Philly Peace Park

Philadelphia, PA

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