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Creating healthier organically grown, locally produced, and affordable food options is a critical topic in health communities and is vital to resolving food desert crises in urban areas.  As urban revitalization efforts continue to grow in Philadelphian communities, retaining cultural significance in a changing contemporary urban area depends on creating value and community assets.  It has been the goal of The North Philly Peace Park to rehabilitate abandoned spaces and grow local produce and also offer a pedagogical environment that teaches urban farming techniques and healthy living for local communities.  The North Philly Peace Park Pavilion project will be utilized for hosting classes, events, and workshops while also serving as a pedagogical tool.  It is equipped with renewable energy sources, water collection, an ebb and flow hydroponic system, and other urban farming techniques within and around the pavilion.  It is the goal of the North Philly Peace Park to demonstrate working methods that can be recreating on private land and within non private areas that are discrete and non-impactful to housing materials.  As urban populations continue to grow, food shortages are becoming more prevalent, it is our mission to see the potential in abandoned land and food deserts to become productive sources of food supply and community building.   

2222 Jefferson Street, Philadelphia PA  19121 

“You can’t build the neighborhood by destroying the popular development in the neighborhood.  The North Philly Peace Park is a start to envisioning a new neighborhood around here.” - Tommy Joshua, Founder, North Philly Peace Park

Philadelphia, PA

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