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Peace Park Volunteer Staff  

Since our inception, we have been powered by the labor of volunteers. The Volunteer Staff is the executive leadership body of the Philly Peace Park, responsible for the day-to-day management and strategic planning of park affairs as mandated by the Community Constitution of the Peace Park. Composed of leading members of the various Park sites, these are the hard-working, selfless and dedicated land-based revolutionaries that keep the park afloat and thriving.  


Peace Park Volunteers and Volunteer Staff Members at the May 2021 Groundbreaking for the Peace Pavilion

Officers of the Volunteer Staff 

Brother Tommy Joshua Caison, Founder & Executive Director 
Pili X, Co-Founder & Park Director 
Lavinia Davis, Director of Operations & Special Programs 
Jessica E. Allen, Farming Director    
Kaishten Blake, Childhood Education & Nutrition Coordinator 
SaQuanna Daniels,  Director of Community Partnerships 
Design Director
Education Coordinator 
Development Coordinator 

Peace Park Construction Team
Callie Parker
Bro. Ngoze 

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